LYP - a Poem by Samantha Aldous


LYP. What is it's meaning? It can mean many

Things if they exist in your dreaming.

To me, it rings the clicks when I type,

The moment you taste apples -- ripe,

Smiles shared and the places you see,

That give you experience and memories to be.


LYP. What does that mean? if you explore your interests and dreams,

It will remain to be seen. Hold onto the knowledge that you can,

Soar high above, find true meaning and embrace what you love.

It can be what you make of it, there's no right or wrong.

Whether it's the laughter of a child, or a simple little song.

the sigh of the morning breeze that only you hear,

sunsets, the lake, or handcrafted beer.

music, nature, traveling, and more. We'll explore it together,





It's time to embrace life while it lasts, embrace talents and interests,

Don't live in the past.

Do what you want, and what you do best.

Treasure small moments, and find your true rest.

LYP? What is it's meaning?

You will find it yourself if you continue dreaming.


~ Samantha